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How to reserve a room

Reservations of Library Meeting Rooms

Patrons may request a reservation on any meeting room or dual purpose rooms (Room H in Mesa Public Library and Room 1 at White Rock Branch Library) through the library’s online booking system. 

You will need a valid email address, your library card number and your library card PIN to reserve a room. You must be over 18 years old.

All events in rooms reserved via this system must be free and open to the public.

Reservations requests:

  • May be made up to six months in advance.
  • Must be made at least 24 hours in advance.
  • Will be granted on a first come, first serve basis.
  • Will have a limit of 4 bookings per month.
  • Will have a limit of 2 hours per booking.
  • Reservations will be canceled if not fulfilled within 15 minutes of the reserved start time and the room may be checked out to another patron.

Walk-in use may be granted if the room is available.

Step 1 Choose your room

  • To the left under Rooms choose the location
  • Click the type of room you would like to reserve
    • All Categories displays both meeting and dual purpose rooms
    • Meeting Rooms 
      • Meeting Rooms 2 and 3 at MPL have been combined into a single space
    • Dual Purpose Room (formerly one study room in each location) may be reserved

Step 2 Check availability

  • Check to see if the room is available by using the Go To Date button or using arrows to scroll to your desired date/time. 

Step 3 Make a reservation

  • Click on the start time for your reservation.  The system defaults to one hour but you may extend your time.  
  • Use the drop down menu at the bottom to extend your reservation beyond one hour.  You can go up to two hours.
  • Fifteen minutes is automatically built in at the beginning and at the end of your reservation to allow time to set-up/vacate the room.
  • Click the Submit Times button.  You will be prompted to enter all 14 digits of your library card and PIN.
  • Fill out the Booking Details form and submit.

On the day of your meeting visit the service desk with your library card to check out room keys or placards.